Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nov Art Bead Scene Entry

I am a huge fan of the Art Bead Scene blog and the designers.  This month I decided to take the challange and try to produce a piece inspired by the work Madonna Pietra degli Scrovigni by Marie Spartali Stillman.  This piece inspired me to make a transfer art bead for a bracelet.  So using a sheet of pearl Premo polymer and a color print of a romantized lady I proceeded with the transfer bead:

Here is the transfer on the sheet of clay ready to be made into an art bead:

Here is the bead, cured with eyelets inserted in the drilled holes:

Keeping with the color scheme of the artist I used pearls, crystals and glass beads in the bracelet with a curved hook clasp.  Here is the finished piece:

The piece will be donated to the North West Polymer Clay Guild (NWPCG) for the Christmas party fun.  Hope you can come !!!

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  1. I will definitly be donating big time to the non raffle if this is in it. LOVE it!!!!.